Matt Purciel Photography

Desert Southwest

The deserts of the Southwest hold many wonders and are an amazing landscape to photograph. My two favorite deserts that I’ve spent the most time exploring are the Mojave Desert and the Sonoran Desert. The Mojave Desert encompasses most of Southern California and Nevada is known for its isolated mountains, wide flat plains, sparse vegetation and hot temperatures. It’s characteristic icon is the infamous Joshua Tree. I spent plenty of time exploring and photographing in places like Death Valley, Joshua Tree, Mojave and Anza Borrego. But more recently I’ve visited the Sonoran Desert. The Sonoran Desert is the quintessential scenery of Southwest with a plethora of cacti, expansive plains, mountain ranges and the iconic saguaro. I explored the edges of the desert in Joshua Tree and Anza Borrego. Then last spring I took an incredible photography trip out to the Superstition Mountains. Feel free to browse this Southwest Desert collection. The fine art found in this gallery are available to purchase in the form of limited-edition prints, created using high-end materials and craftmanship.