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death valley photography - Mud Cakes

Death Valley National Park is one of those rare places that never ceases to amaze you every time you visit it. I’ve been making the pilgrimage to Death Valley since I was a kid, especially for photography. Thanks to its dry weather conditions, cold winters and extremely hot summers, the park goes through a number of changes throughout the year. If you pay a visit at just the right time of the year, you will be rewarded with amazing photography opportunities. Death Valley National Park is such a rich and diverse landscape by itself but with the seasons and precipitation adds more opportunities for photography. More recently I visited Death Valley in the February and March, photographing the incredible wildflowers with the super blooms, seasonal water down at Badwater and the new mud cracks that have formed over the past couple of years from flash floods. This was a photograph of the cracked mud cakes in the Death Valley basin. I was excited to head out for Death Valley that afternoon to photograph a good sunset. We finally made it as the clouds started to burn and lite up. It was one of the best sunsets I’ve seen in a while. Death Valley National Park is such a great park for photography.